Why ballet is the best sport for children

Ballet Art is the only Romanian school that teaches advanced ballet programs. The program lasts for nine months and is supported by Iolanda Petrescu, a graduate of the Teacher Certification program organized by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in New York. Under the guidance of talented ballerinas, children learn from the earliest ages that dance is a form of expression.

Through the courses she offers, Ballet Art wishes first of all to provide parents with some tools to complement children’s artistic education, to cultivate the inclination towards beauty and to encourage the artistic qualities that many of them are endowed with. These include classical ballet classes at different levels, character dance classes, piano classes, and stretching courses for adults.

At the same time, Ballet Art aims to contribute to the creation of a base for the preparation of young talents leading to the formation of elite artists of the Romanian ballet.

Thus, one of the main goals of Ballet Art is to identify outstanding talents in this field, provide them with a successful training base and provide the necessary support and counseling to prepare for a successful career.

Every child has a creative part in the early years of childhood is most often reflected in dance and in the specific freedom of movement. Therefore, in the dance classes, children will spend their time in an environment where they grow harmoniously, can correct their weight and make new friends with whom to give a dance party whenever they enter the modern hall . Under the close supervision of dedicated teachers, children will move in the elegant rhythms of dance, as well as in the free rhythms of street dance and hip hop.

The ballet performances offered by Bucharest can be the first steps towards performance in one of the best arts.

Children have inexhaustible energy sources. Physical activity is essential for the harmonious development of children. An activity that combines art with physical activity is ballet. From the beginning, you have to know that the ballet is much more than just a dance and that in order to get to the grace and elegance of the great ballerinas it takes years of work doubled by passion and talent. It can be just an extracurricular activity practiced in love for dance and music that will not materialize in performances on major scenes, but be a hobby for your little girl to spend free time with help.

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